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Feel the power of essential natural elements to transform the way you feel about your health and your life. wonder sources the most pure and effective organic ingredients to provide exactly the supplements your body needs for optimal wellbeing, in convenient vitagums. 

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Bones, Eyes, Heart, and Brain

Cod Liver Oil is pretty miraculous, with many benefits. It can help keep your bones, skin and heart healthy. It can even improve your brain health!


All The Goodness

Despite its many benefits, Cod Liver Oil usually comes either as a rather nasty-tasing liquid, or hard-to-swallow capsules. Not any more though: wonder gummies are a delicious lemon flavour.


  100% All Natural   Gluten Free   Dairy Free   Non-GMO   No Artificial Colours or Flavors

 100% All Natural  Gluten Free

 Dairy Free  Non-GMO

 No Artificial Colours or Flavors